The expedition arrived at its destination yesterday at 10:50 p.m. and was able to rest in a hotel coordinated with the Ukrainian consulate in Barcelona, ​​to be ready today (Wednesday) and start picking up the refugees assigned to the expedition.

The donations have contributed to the rental of an assembly hall, in which the refugees are being housed and a health check is being carried out by the doctor of our expedition.

After the complete grouping of the assigned refugees and the unloading of all the donated material in the place provided by the consulate, it is expected that by mid-afternoon today the expedition will start the journey back to Barcelona with a rest stop in Bolzano, where They await them with accommodation and food.

Javier Marcet, one of the members of the expedition, shared these words during the journeys he is making in the van to transfer the refugees from the collection centers to the function room reserved by the expedition.

(Audio in spanish)