The expedition leaves Bolzano, Italy, later than expected, due to some medical setback. Around 8 am, everyone is on the bus, leaving for Spain.

The journey is delayed again due to road works in Italy, but once they arrive in France, the state of the roads improves and they go back to a normal speed

This time they are stopped in France by the police but as always, with the letter from the consul, they do not cause problems for us to continue on our way.

The final part of the journey is always the hardest. 3 more people arrive at the stopover in France to be able to finish the trip with fresh drivers, so the expedition is joined by a Pic Up.

Given the late arrival time in Gavá (final destination of the refugees), we must find new accommodation for everyone. Finally, the Ibis Barcelona Aeroport Viladecans Hotel accomodates all the people and the ubication is next to the final destination of this expedition.

at 5.20 am everyone has been able to go to sleep, happy to have finally arrived.